Prebared Admin


Prebared Admin


What’s your Instagram name?


How do you feel about social media?

Social media is like a pro/con with me. It brings so many people together; like for me, I get to keep in close contact with family and friends I usually wouldn't be able to. On top of that find those you share common ground with who you usually wouldn't in normal everyday life. But there's the downside of how much we depend on it. Plus the pressure to create this perfect persona of a life. I've found it created a lot of trust issues amongst people. Because there's showing who's active or not, who's seen messages and haven't replied etc.

When do you spend the most time in your underwear and what are you doing? 

Usually when I'm inside. I'm someone who gets cold super easy so heater on full blast with the slightest chance of a chill. But legit just do the exact same shit I'd do if I were clothed: watching TV, cooking, sleeping. 


How do you feel about your body right now and what’s the difference in how you felt about your body five years ago?  

I'm pre happy with me rn. I feel more comfortable being a female if anything. Growing up I hated having boobs. I like wearing "male" clothes which I still do today so my body shape worked really well for me cause I was long and had broad shoulders. But my boobs annoyed me cause it made all my shirts look weird plus I was an active person, and any sort of physical activity was a hassle when you've got boobs. On top of this, I'd say I grew up in a very masculine world. I did all the things my boy cousins did. And I'd say my dad raised me as a boy too. So growing tits sorta changed my whole identity and I didn't like it nor was I used to it. 

What makes you feel insecure about your body or sexuality?

It's not my body perće. It's how people view it in the sense of what I look like. I've always been taught to love every part of myself. Especially being proud and joyous of my nationality. And people seeing who I am in that instance and who don't give me a chance is something that worries me. To have someone completely dismiss me for the way I dress or my hair colour or because I'm annoying. I'm cool with that. But for someone to see my race and do that. It's something I'm insecure about. Not because I'm ashamed of who I am, but because something that I hold in the highest love and appreciation about myself can be blatantly ignored or attacked with no consideration to who I am as a person with no reason other than it being hate or fear driven. 

What sexuality do you identify with and why? 

Nothing spesh - just straight. Though my father tried to push me to be a lesbian for ages so he didn't have to deal with boys. 

What would you tell your younger self? 

In a small way, I can. I have a younger sister - and she's growing up in a very similar but also different sort of environment to me (with of course some exceptions considering we're very different people). Right now I'm just concerned about her happiness. Which is something I didn't really take care of growing up. Nothing too big though, just making sure she's having an enjoyable time at school, good friendship groups and ensuring she feels comfortable in her skin.



How does Prebared underwear make you feel? 

Comfy af. Finding underwear is so hard when you don't have the traditional body proportions so fitting things on me can be a hassle sometimes. 

What concerns you (globally) the most right now? 

Giant question. We could get into essays about this but I think that it would be Equity and Justice. A lot of people like to think that we live in some golden age where there's no racism or inequality or wrong doing. As an Indigenous woman, you're raised in a completely different atmosphere. Somewhere where we are very culturally and historically strong and you sort of having this mature sense of how society works at such a young age. So not only seeing and experiencing how we are treated and personified but also all people of colour. We can relate and empathise closely to those of different religions and cultures and colours because we ourselves come in many different forms as well. What concerns me is people's mindset. We live somewhere that's hoodwinked everyone into believing that everything's ok. Therefore nobody wants to work towards making things better.

When do you feel most confident in your underwear?

Sleeping. It gives me freedom to be comfortable. 

What offends you the most?

Enablers. People who try and justify people's actions - there's always room for growth but everytime we take a step forward there's someone there who consciously or subconsciously makes us take two steps back. It's those who justify their friends when they make racist or stereotypical remarks because "it was a joke". It's those who apologise for their male friends unacceptable behaviour and not stand up to them. It's those who say "I'm sorry they're just drunk they're really a good person". The fact that people are so ready to save those who are doing wrong. 

What’s your biggest accomplishment? (Personal or on paper)


Being a confident speaker. Whether people believe it or not I used to be super shy. I hated to talking to people, doing stuff with them - everything. But I pushed myself to get out of my shell and now I'm a loud mouth. 

How do you feel about body hair? 

I'm kinda meh with it. Got some racism and that growing up because of my arm hair and leg hair but it never really phased me in a sense of me wanting to get rid of it. My family all have hairy arms and legs and I always felt that it was in a small way part of my identity. I wasn't gonna make people feel like I needed to apologise or feel ashamed about something like my genetics.  

Who are your role models?

My mother - my mother is literally the best human being I know. She's completely selfless and community driven. She honestly has too much love. Technically she has me my brother and sister but she acts as a mother to a whole bunch of kids in our community. She's the type of woman to drop everything for someone she cares about. On top of this though, she's crazy driven. If she wants something done it's gonna happen. She's articulate and confident and bright and hard. I've seen this woman take on while departments, councils and CEO's and always come out on top. 

Best advice you have ever been given?

My mother always told me growing up - and it's completely shaped the person I am "I don't care what you want to do or be in life just make sure you work towards being the best you can be at it."

What message would you like to pass on to other women? 

Challenge those around you and be unapologetic. 
Don't be sorry you don't want to give someone your number or let someone feel you have to be owned by another man to stop them annoying you. 

Stop moving out of the way for men on footpaths - they don't have right of way. You don't have to be kind or warm or soft. Be angry and loud and pushy. Society has taught us that femininity is weak and that in this world we have to take shit - especially from men. They're wrong. 

What do you like to do in your spare/ alone time? 


I've been trying to get back into reading but nah it's usually me doing nothing mostly. 

When do you feel most creative? 

With my family. I come from a very creative/musical background so when they're all together I see something special happen amongst them. Whether it's decorating for a family event, putting together cute 'fits for a day out or those late night jam seshs at a family drink up. 

What are you listening to at the moment? 

Ummm noting really. I'm back at my family home for a bit so sadly it's a compilation of country and Snoop Dogg.

Most spontaneous thing you have ever done? 

It was illegal and it got me banned but I still stand by what I did cause they were wrong and I was right (in some way - it's the point I was trying to make)

Who is the most significant women in your like right now and why? 

The women in my family. My mother and my aunties are all women of strength. They're driven and strong and loud and opinionated. They work hard for their families and communities and always push the envelope.