Cara Johnston


Cara Johnston

What’s your Instagram name?

How do you feel about social media?
I think it can be one of the best and one of the worst things out there – Its almost like a bad habit and it can be very damaging if you're not careful but very handy to stay connected with family and friends which is super important to me

When do you spend the most time in your underwear and what are you doing?
Usually, after work the first thing  I do without a doubt is strip down to my panties and bra and put music on and just vibe out in my room, read a book or make a few phone calls to my close friends for a little gossip haha maybe have a little dance in front of the mirror.

How do you feel about your body right now and what’s the difference in how you felt about your body five years ago?  

I’ve definitely come to terms with who I am and how I look – I think stronger, I feel stronger and I like to challenge myself physically and emotionally. Five years ago I would have never ever let anyone take a photo of myself in just my underwear but now I'm all for it.

What makes you feel insecure about your body or sexuality?
My size, not just my weight but my height too, Always feeling like the bigger person can make me feel very insecure and odd, It’s kinda like a stage light is always shining down on me but when I say it like that it's kinda special I guess.

What sexuality do you identify with and why?
Straight but I'm open to anyone – People are people and if we click that's all that matters – personality is what I'm all about.

What would you tell your younger self?
Be kind to yourself and slow down


How does Prebared underwear make you feel?

Like I own this bitch - I feel pretty invincible.

What concerns you (globally) the most right now?
Racism- it's all around me and many many others too..on Tv, social media, workplace, hometown – It makes me feel pretty weak, almost speechless at times, I'm still trying to figure out why its a thing...It's really sad.

When do you feel most confident in your underwear?
When I'm alone in my room just doing my own thing – I actually really enjoy being alone in my underwear, doing my nails or something – being able to be alone and be okay with it is something  I value a lot.

What offends you the most?
Homophobes – racists -Body get my drift.

What’s your biggest accomplishment? (Personal or on paper)
Struggle with mental health for many years now and 2017 I got my first full-time job which has pretty much saved my life, its changed the way I view life and myself – It gives me purpose and I can finally say that I'm happy.

How do you feel about body hair?
It's either there or it's not – some weeks I enjoy to leave my body to do its own thing and some weeks I like to get rid of it – it's all down to how I'm feeling buts it not an issue for me.

Who is your role model?
This is a hard one – I cherish so many different people who are in my life right now for many different reasons – I'm surrounded by so many outspoken, artistic and strongwilled people – They amaze me and I'm super proud of all of them.

Best advice you have ever been given?
“Don't spend your 20's hating yourself”

What message would you like to pass on to other women?
This is who we are, despite where you are at life and what you have or have not achieved you have the power to change the world, be kind to yourself and others

What do you like to do in your spare/ alone time?
I love to sing – I'm always singing or humming to myself

When do you feel most creative?
I'm always searching for new bands or artist to listen to when I come across something I love – I get inspired.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Sza – I can't get enough of her, she is an absolute Queen.

The most spontaneous thing you have ever done?
I shaved my head and it changed my life.

Favourite quote?
"They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no no no."

Who are the most significant women in your life right now and why?
Of course, my mama and my closest babes – They know who they are.

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