Cara Johnston


Cara Johnston

What’s your Instagram name?

How do you feel about social media?
I feel like it’s a good creative outlet that can be used as a platform for furthering your connections with people who share common interests or more simply it’s a good way to see what your friends are up to. However, personally I feel like social media creates unrealistic expectations on what you should look like, how many likes you should get, I feel for young people who aren’t even sure of who they are yet, being exposed to this kind of pressure every day can be so disheartening.

When do you spend the most time in your underwear and what are you doing? 
Firstly, when the weather is warm, almost always if I’m home alone it will take me a very long time to actually dress myself if I’m not going anywhere,

How do you feel about your body right now and what’s the difference in how you felt about your body five years ago?
Five years ago I was still in high school and like any young woman I was really insecure about my imperfections which were my stretch marks, from the age of nine essentially, I’ve had them across my hips and butt! It took the passing of the awkward age of the awkward age where boys would ask where they were before I could even dream about not being scared to be in my bikini at the beach. I tried bio oil for two years and they were so big it did nothing for me. The difference between now and five years ago is the fact that, I am comfortable with them they have been a part of me for eleven years and I just don’t care what people think, it’s natural, it’s normal for boys and girls to have them and love them if you do have them. 

What makes you feel insecure about your body and sexuality?
I feel fairly comfortable in both of those, right now I have a good support network.

What sexuality do you identify with and why? 
I am straight. I have just always felt like I can be intimate with a man and just wasn’t commutable being intimate with a woman. 

What would you tell your younger self?
Don’t be ashamed of your weakness, you still have some much to learn. It’s completely okay to feel down, whatever is holding you down will pass. Trust yourself.


How does Prebared underwear make you feel?

It makes me want to put on my favourite record, light some incense and just relax. A natural, carefree woman. 

What concerns you (globally) the most right now?
A general summary for me would have to be;
People who abuse their positions of power out of greed selfishness or hate towards other human beings. 
The lack of world peace.
A lack of respect for other people’s cultures/traditions.

When do you feel most confident in your underwear? 
When I’m alone.

What offends you the most?
Condescending people.
When people underestimate my abilities.

What’s your biggest accomplishment? (Personal or on paper)
Moving overstate and finishing my second year of uni by the age of twenty.
Overcoming every single adversity that I’ve had to this day and being able to say that I have learnt and grown from them all, I’m so proud of myself for that. 

How do you feel about body hair? 
Body hair is something I’ve always battled with, I’m half Australian and half Indonesian and it’s happened to be that with my genetics I have super thick dark hair everywhere. I still shave all the time to this day! The only hair I love is the hair on my face and head. 

Who is your role model?
I have numerous role models. For me, it has always been women who are in a position of power or are in the spotlight and use this advantage to send empowering messages around the world, courage and self-growth through music or other creative outlets. Music hits me right in the soul and the first person that comes to mind for me is Lauryn Hill. 

Best advice you have ever been given?
Dad- don’t let people treat you like shit.

What message would you pass on to other women?
You are enough. 
Your imperfections are perfect.


What do you like to do in your spare/alone time?
I like to write a lot, mainly poetry. Listening to music, I just have an infinity for it there is no limit.

When do you feel most creative? 
When I’m upset. 

What are you listening to at the moment?
So much. 
I’ll let you in on a few albums that have been on repeat recently;
Sonder Son – Brent Fiyaz
Ctrl – SZA
Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number – Aaliyah

The most spontaneous thing you have ever done?
This is a tough question, I do a lot of spontaneous things when I’m drunk or just really happy. 

Favourite quote? 
“Everything is everything. What is meant to be, will be. After winter must come spring. Change will come eventually.” Lauryn Hill

Who are the most significant women in your life right now and why?
My mother, she has always been significant to me but more so now because I’m starting to understand what it is to be an adult, and as I’ve grown older everything she has ever said to me, any relevant piece of advice seems to make more sense as I grow. She understands my mistakes and teaches me not to hate myself for them. She makes me feel not alone.  

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